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Welcome to the Lord of the Rings shop created for the fans of this great piece of work. Here in our online store we have gathered everything a true fan could dream of. You can find here the best Lord of the Rings merchandise for reasonable prices including various clothes, costumes, toys, jewellery, and many other items. With our store, you can organize a great theme party or make a good collection of items.

This epic novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien almost half a century ago is nowadays one of the most famous fiction stories in the world. It determined many features of modern fantasy genre and still has a great influence on the cinema, computer games, and many other aspects of our culture. Together with ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Silmarillion’, the story builds up a heroic epos that implicates Anglo-Saxon themes.

The story became so popular that its features are often used by other authors in modern fantasy books and video games. After the screen adaptation, the work has reached the peak of popularity. Now all Tolkien’s fans can see all the characters and places with their own eyes. Our online shop offers Lord of the Rings merchandise suiting the taste of any fan. We have different models of costumes to wear on a theme party or when participating in a cosplay competition. We also offer casual clothes for everyday sue. You will find here lots of wallpapers, toys and figures, phone cases and jewellery. For a true fan of the Lord of the Rings, our hobbit shop is a source of inspiration! Use The Lord of the Rings merchandise as a perfect present for a fellow fan. Some of the items we offer can also be used for decorating your place if you are having a party.

R. R. Tolkien managed to create a new world full of wonders and miracles, a world that amazes people even now. The Lord of the Rings shop is the place where all these miracles can materialize. So be our guest in this shop of wonders!

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